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All People. All of Jesus.

From the very beginning, God created men and women to be in his image. To be in God's image means that we were made to reflect God himself! Obviously, this means that mankind was created to have a very special and unique connection with God. God set it up for us so that we could have peace and harmony in our relationship with him, with creation, and with each other.

Unfortunately, our attempts to pursue glory for ourselves disrupted the rest and harmony we enjoyed. The Bible calls this sin. Because we sinned against God, our harmonious relationships with creation and each other completely fell apart. Most significantly, and most unfortunately, our relationship with God was completely severed. We exchanged the infinite and life-giving glory of the eternal God for the transient and empty glory of mortal man. We essentially exchanged meaning for meaninglessness. By trying to reach out and be our own gods, we have ended up with lives full of restlessness and a constant search for the peace, joy and glory we once had. This is why so many of us are now caught up in an endless struggle to "find ourselves."
Through the Lord Jesus Christ, however, we are able to restore our relationship with God. Christ died on the cross and took upon himself the full penalty and punishment that we rightly deserved because of our sin. But Christ did not stay dead! He rose again, and because he rose again, we can now through faith alone in Christ find new life. This new life is one where we can know true peace and joy. It is one where we leave restlessness behind and find rest. It is one where we can know real refreshment and renewal. Through Christ, we are steadily being transformed in a way that allows us once again to reflect the glory of God. Indeed, through Jesus Christ, we are able to become fully human. And as we become more human by being transformed through Christ, it brings more and more of God's goodness and blessing into our lives and the lives of others. Simply put, we reconnect with our divine Creator.
In view of all this, we as a church family believe that we can have no better purpose than to engage people with the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ is someone who challenges the usual way in which people act and think. But he is also someone who is immediately relevant to our lives because he shows us what it means to be like God, and thus, what it means to be human. So as we engage people within our church family and our local communities with Christ, we hope to challenge preconceived ideas and "the usual way of doing things," but also be relevant and practical as we address the issues and needs of our current world. As this happens, our hope and prayer is that all of our lives would be steadily transformed by God and so be brought into the fullness of his glory in the person of Jesus Christ, where we will once again swim in the divine waters of peace, harmony, fulfillment, satisfaction, and relationship with him, with creation, and with each other.
All People. All of Jesus.
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Sunday mornings at 10:00am
924 N 1st St, Phoenix, AZ 85004