• Jennifer: I guess this discussion arose from your own mention of an interest in zombies. This got me thinking. In all honesty, up until February 2015, I really never gave them a serious thought. I’ll tell you a little about how my own preoccupation began, and then I’d like to hear from you.
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  • We’re about to launch some great writing from Roosevelt Community Church, and this is our big FORMAL announcement. Look for Tuesday and Thursday posts on facebook around nine in the morning.
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  • BACKPACK RADIO: Episode #214 Sometimes my kids, all earnest and curious about the world, ask me random questions like, “How far away is the moon?” and “Where are snakes’ butts?” Inevitably, I’ll answer, “Ask your dad.”
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  • Episode #207: September 7, 2014 Well, this is kinda exciting. Pastor Vermon is working on a book in conjunction withThe Gospel Coalition. Unfortunately, stars got in my eyes when I heard the phrase “working on a book,” but it’s my understanding that The Gospel Coalition is planning a five-book series (working withThe Good Book Company), and Pastor Vermon’s forthcoming bestseller will be the second one in said series, which will focus on the “Counter-Cultural Church.”
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