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A Reflection on Corporate Worship

One of the most obvious changes within the Church as a body is the freedom some feel to worship God in their own way and nullify or avoid the second commandment, leaving behind the Regulative Principle of worship and clinging to the Normative Principle of worship. The question remains what have we lost? And indeed we have lost something.

Consider a few things: The beauty of the Psalms is in their own unique way, how they reflect Christ’s relationship to the Father, how they are without flaw or error—and we can align our emotions and become more Christ-like by allowing the Messiah’s feelings to permeate our innermost being.

“In essence the rule of worship is the application of the second commandment to public worship in light of the formal principle of the reformation: Sola Scriptura. God’s Word is the alone magisterial (ruling) authority for Christian worship and the Christian life” (R. Scott Clark).

We should create and sing and make music to our Lord celebrating our salvation and adoration every day of the week. Like the marriage relationship, worship is unique and set apart, unique and set apart as we corporately unite in our worship to God.

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