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Jane Austen is Blushing

We have about three (maybe four) more posts inspired by RCC’s Song of Solomon Sermon Series. In this piece, newlywed Andrew Soto speaks of wooing . . .


We had met four months prior. Every night, I petitioned the Lord that He would show His kindness toward me…that I might win her heart…that God would work out the details in heaven while I labored over the details on earth. Finally, after many afternoons, evenings, and Sunday mornings spent together, I was going to confess my affection to Sondra.

I had recently read what I considered the New England Primer of non-biblical love stories—that is, Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Darcy fascinated me because, aside from the great disparity in monetary wealth, we are very much alike, him and I (both INTJs , if you happen to be interested in Myers-Briggs stuff). I decided to memorize and use the line he used when he first confessed his love to Elizabeth. I actually planned to speak two weeks earlier, but it took a bit of time for me to build up my courage. On that cool April night, I walked Sondra to her car as I did any other night she visited.

“In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” I said it!

I followed that by saying something like, “Though Mr. Darcy said those words to Elizabeth, I feel the same applies with me to you…Do you feel likewise with me?” I probably had not breathed or blinked in the past three minutes. That is, until she said, “No. I don’t think so.”

Cue the sad Charlie Brown music.

I remembered to breath and blink. Just as I felt all was lost, I decided to tell her that I would still appreciate her company, that we could still “hang out,” that I would still treat her the same. Anyway, I sent her on her way back home, went inside, and probably cried in the shower telling God that I would not give up if He did not give up.

A few months later of eroding her will away by gentlemanly wooing, June 30th of 2015, we started dating. She would later tell me and others that she was impressed by the way I conducted myself after getting rejected.

Little did she know that Mr. Darcy was also rejected after his first confession too (INTJs are natural strategists). We continued dating until September of 2016 when I decided it was time to propose (The story of which I will omit from my written words here, but you are more than welcome to ask us sometime over lunch).

The one thing I will reveal is that in my prelude to asking her to be my wife, I told her that I had been praying for the past twelve years that God would give me a good wife. I prayed that she and I would be equally yoked in many facets of our life. I prayed that I would be a man of honor like Boaz. I prayed that she would be lovely and gentle. On that night, when she said “yes,” God assured me that I had been praying for Sondra all those years. Before I knew for whom I was praying, God was preparing me as a man for righteousness just as He was preparing Sondra as a woman for righteousness.

Though the ink on the pages of our story as a married couple is still fresh, I am trusting and praying that God will continue to work in our lives. I am praying that we will be a couple to which others can look as an example. I am praying that the later years will be even greater than the first years.

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