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Our Great Big Formal Announcement
  • by Jennifer Bell
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  • Mar 02, 2015
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We’re about to launch some great writing from Roosevelt Community Church, and this is our big FORMAL announcement. Look for Tuesday and Thursday posts on facebook around nine in the morning. (We might begin with an exception today, however, just to get things rolling.) There are a variety of writers coming at you, and I’d encourage you to share widely. We have great stuff coming up on Leviticus and Zombies, Anxiety and Discipleship.

I’m sticking in a little editorial caveat. These are written by individuals, and do not necessary represent all of RCC thinking. We value our peeps, though, so keep this in mind. I mean, you know, I’m the one they got to edit!

This is an ongoing project, so please submit work to me, RCC people. OUR NEXT DEADLINE IS MARCH 22 AT MIDNIGHT, but submit at any time. Though I can mess with stuff, it’s best if you use 12 point font, Cambria, one-inch margins, and single space. If you need specifics on the submits, e-mail or text me.

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