The Day of Judgment

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Study Questions for January 20, 2013
Sermon: The Day of Judgment | Joel 3:1-21
by: Vermon Pierre
Series: THE DAY

1. What are the sins laid out in Joel 3:3 and Joel 3:6? What are some of the ethical lessons we can discern from what Joel says about those who do these things? What are the reasons given for why these acts were done? What can we learn anything about ourselves, our culture and human nature from these verses?

2. What happens at the ‘Valley of Decision’? If these things really are going to happen, then how should we live right now?

3. How does Revelation 22:1-5 relate to Joel 3:16-21? How might you use the truths of this passage – that God’s people will have an eternal home – to encourage someone who is struggling with guilt and shame? …someone who is in difficult family situation? …someone who doubts God really cares? What other life situations would it would be good to apply this passage to?


Now that we have had 4 sermons/lessons on Joel, take some time as a group to discuss the big picture of the book. What is one important thing you have learned about God from this book? What is one important thing you have learned about yourself from this book? How will these things now effect the way you think, feel, act, and live?


What is Joel 3:20 a reference to – how do you think this verse will find its fulfillment? Look at verses 17-19 to get an idea of the thematic elements involved in the passage. Is Joel 3:20 relevant for the church today? If so, how?