Pastor V’s Shout-Outs by Vermon Pierre

Sep 28, 2018

Shout-out to:


1. These 10 new or less known female theologians (but who you’ll hopefully know about it now after reading this Christianity Today article)

Looks like an interesting list, with a number of books and podcasts mentioned that seem worth checking out.

2. Joe Carter’s look at the Netflix documentary, Last Chance U.

I haven’t seen the documentary, but Carter’s description of it has definitely made me more curious. Football is often seen as a savior, a way for guys to “make it” and become successful men. It is, in effect, “a tempered prosperity gospel that can be summarized as ‘Be good and you’ll be blessed.’”

Of course, this leaves little to no room for grace. Indeed, football, much less any sport, can’t—on its own—make people noble or good. It can’t really save. Hard lessons to learn, but necessary ones if we want to understand why Jesus is the only real and true Savior.