Christmas After Loss Is Hard by Christy Rivera

Jan 3, 2020

Note from the editor: Christmas is over, but . . . we’re re-launching NOW and Christy was kind enough to get us going. As the editor, I’m very interested in publishing a variety of pieces: sermon reflections, devotionals, doctrine meditations, ministry highlights, book reviews, film reviews, etc. We’ll also be posting regular “Getting to Know You” interviews with members. Please DO send me your word docs. We’re scheduling pieces anywhere from two weeks to three months in advance. We’re also meeting periodically to write as a group (meaning that we write with coffee and our laptops in the same room). Our next “sit-in” is at Songbird Cafe on Jan. 25. I never got the film review I was hoping for on the Mr. Rogers’ movie . . . . — Jennifer


Christmas after loss is hard. Even though I lost my dad 10+ years ago, it’s still hard. My dad was a Christmas fanatic. For a long time, I didn’t even really like Christmas after he died. Over the years, things like starting my own traditions while still finding ways to honor the past has helped. Growing up, my family waited to decorate until the day after Thanksgiving. Now, I decorate the first weekend in November. But I still decorate while listening to my dad’s Christmas with Bing album. For a long time, I really related to A Charlie Brown’s Christmas because I didn’t find Christmas to be a joyful time. And I loved that the movie redirected me to my Savior, the one who conquered death. Although we haven’t yet reached the point where Jesus will wipe away all our tears and there will be no more pain, we know that He will. We know death doesn’t win. And yet Christmas can still be hard. If you’re feeling this way this holiday season, know you’re not alone and know that there is hope.