Our Hearts Are Heavy . . .

Feb 15, 2020

Our hearts are heavy with the loss of our dear church members, Arnold and Dorothy Rogers. They were Dennae Pierre’s grandparents and leave behind 5 children, 14 grandchildren, and 22 great grandchildren. They have been a blessing to our church family for 6 years and now enjoy rest and paradise with our Father in heaven.⁠

Roosevelt Community Church will be hosting their memorial service on Monday, February 17, 2020 at 6:30pm. A Reception will follow afterwards. We hope to see you to remember, reflect on and celebrate their lives together.


Dennae Pierre wrote this on Feb. 13, 2020: “I’ve had the privilege of having my grandparents live with us for this past 6 years . . . They both passed within 25 hours of each other. My grandma passed yesterday morning, grandpa this morning. They’re woven into every part of our family and the house feels empty tonight.

“I’ve got more thoughts to come but can’t get them out yet. For now . . . I’m enjoying reading all my cousins’ posts and smiling because they each sacrificed and loved on us as kids in the exact same way they loved on my 4 kids these last 6 years. My grandparents have spent 62 of their 65 years of marriage loving on children. They leave behind 53 “kids” (if I’m counting right) . . . my heart is broken, but my spirit rejoices that they didn’t have to grieve too deeply the loss of one another and that they get to finally dance together without pain in heaven.”