Get To Know Anthony Vasquez

Sep 11, 2020

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Did you know that Roosevelt Community Church supports the Vasquez family on the mission field? This week, we get to hear from Anthony Vasquez. I’ll be honest. He’s an artist, and I really, really, really LOVE his work. I love it so much that I asked him if I could put his painting on the cover of one of my books (it was a gift for his wife, Adrienn). He said yes. I’m excited to hear from him. I’ll include some of his work below (including the amazing cover).


Anthony Vasquez!

Where did you grow up and how did you end up here? 

Grew up in Las Cruces, NM. Didn’t realize it was enchanted until I left it! The path was kinda a zigzag, spending times in Colorado, Michigan, and then Arizona in 2010. We found Roosevelt after learning about the church’s active presence on First Fridays Art Walk. 

What’s your job? 

I am fortunate to make my own job description. But to put it simply, I am a visual artist and I seek out opportunities to work alongside other artists, practicing an example Truth, Goodness, and Justice that is found in the Gospel.  My days consist of strategies to see all people come to know the true King, be discipled and equipped to live out God’s calling of the church, and to represent His kingdom on earth.  

Why are you at Roosevelt? 

Why I am not at Roosevelt is because I live in Budapest, but you all are my fam.

How long have you been here? 

My family and I lived in Phoenix from 2010-2015. Sent to India by Roosevelt and lived there for three years, and now sent to Hungary.

How long have you been a Christian?

I have been following Christ, since I was around 10 years old, with plenty of up and downs. I would say I definitely felt His hands in my life early on, always urging my heart to turn towards Him. I had some major come-to-Jesus moments in high school and college. However, it was after getting married 15 years ago that the maturity level had to be raised up.

Interesting side note or highlight: I went up for an altar call during a Carmen concert back in the day. if you don’t know who Carmen is, do your self a favor and google “The Champion” by Carmen. During this particular concert, I have this amazing memory of Carmen asking the audience for song recommendations, thinking the response would be one of his own, but my cousin sitting next to me yelled out during the silence “La Bamba.”

What are your hobbies? 

Can I say cooking breakfast? A very non-conventional hobby, but I really like it and I kinda make an art of the process.  My wife jokes that it’s impossible for me to make a simple breakfast!. One of these days, I’m gonna buy one of those large electric griddles so that my game can go up a notch, make more faster!  I also love fishing; I have many fond memories chasing trout, steelhead, and lake salmon up in Michigan with my mentor. But, unfortunately, I am not able to go very often. I really enjoy hiking and trail-running the trails surrounding Phoenix. One of my favorite runs is the Phoenix Mountains MTB loop in February before sunset! 

Name two things on your bucket list. 

It’s hard not to answer this question thinking of what’s more important—realistic possibilities, or crazy wishes that might never be possible? So I’ll give both: under the crazy might never happen, I would love to hike the Pacific Coast Trail. And for the quiet possible choice, I would love to go on a major bike expedition, maybe up the Himalayas of India. A good friend of mine runs these wild bike expeditions with a company called Two Wheeled Expeditions in India and that would be really awesome to do. Oh, and go to a Yankee game in New York!

What is your favorite book? 

I take a long time to read one book. I’m not a fast reader and I get distracted easily. At times, I’m “reading” two or three books at a time!  Close calls are Night of the Confessor by Tomáš Halik, Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy, and Testament of Devotion by Thomas R Kelly. Indian Killer by Sherman Alexie. Oh and did I mention And So We Die, Having First Slept?

What is your favorite movie? 

Well, I have watched Planes, Trains, and Automobiles probably a hundred times and can recite it verbatim, and I still laugh every time. So, even though I think there are other very good movies, like anything for Terrence Malick, or starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Meryl Streep, or Joaquin Phoenix. I’d have to stick with the solid go-to, which has become a Thanksgiving tradition for my family: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles every year.

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I didn’t intentionally try to make it so huge, but  . . . might as well keep it that way. . .

I didn’t intentionally try to make it so huge, but . . . might as well keep it that way. . .