Get To Know Bob Korljan: What about Bob?

Oct 8, 2020


Editor’s Note: Have we really never featured Bob? I apologize! I couldn’t help the subtitle. What a pleasure to read this . . . — Jennifer Bell


I became a Christian at age 19 – between my first and second years at ASU. I attended a college retreat at a large church in Pasadena, CA over Christmas break. It was due to the preaching at that 3 day retreat that my eyes were open to the grace of God through Christ.

I grew up in Phoenix – and stayed here thru college (ASU) and worked two years in downtown Phoenix at a CPA firm in order to get my required experience to get licensed. Then, in 1977, I moved to St. Louis for what would be a 10 year stay. During that time, I finished my M.Div at Covenant Theological Seminary, saw the birth of three of our four children, and started a CPA firm. From 1987 to 1992, we moved to Rhode Island where I planted a PCA church in Providence. I was involved in planting a church in Phoenix from 1974-76 – and then also again in St. Louis from 1980-86 and then as the pastor in Rhode Island in 1987-1992.

When we moved back to Phoenix in 1992, I had a desire to either start or be a part of another church plant. It just didn’t happen for about 10 years (my wife’s declining health, we had four children , I was working full time). t just didn’t happen until 2002.

I had been in conversations with William (Bill) Eaton) – at that time, we were both elders at Camelback Bible Church – about a church plant. Bill had a burning desire to start a church in downtown Phoenix, which was a much different place than it is now. I remember sitting at my desk one day in 2002, when Bill called and asked me to drive by a church for sale at 1st street and Roosevelt. There were less than 10 people involved in that Christian Scientist congregation and, within two months, we formed a new non-profit (originally called Roosevelt Bible Church) and the building was purchased. Without the vision of Bill Eaton – and his financial support – RCC would not be enjoying (and may not even exist). Our building has turned out to be so strategic in location.

I guess you could say that I am looking for a hobby. if anyone has a good suggestion, let me know. But at least until now, between work, church and family, I don’t know how to fit a hobby in my schedule. Any hobby just could not take much time.

As I write this, Melody will have what will be our 14th grandchild in the last 10 years.

I also have nothing specific on my bucket list (fairly boring guy that I am), but I have really not done much travel, so I do hope to increase that activity.

My reading is also limited (I’m not proud of that but it’s true). In other words, outside of the Bible and many related theological books – and my work activities – I read a lot, but just in those three main areas.

The two areas of my work are income tax planning and financial planning with an emphasis on retirement planning. I have a practice in which Marc Giannone is my partner.