“God’s Heart for Families in Crisis…” a podcast with Pastor Vermon

Dec 28, 2020


As we end 2020, we leave you with this podcast with Pastor Pierre from The Forgotten Initiative. The text below is directly from their site, but please see the link for the audio here.


My guest, Vermon Pierre, understands foster care because not only does he live it as a foster parent, but he is leading his church and community to think about foster care through the lens of the gospel. And what is at the heart of the gospel message? Redemption and Restoration. In today’s conversation, we talk through the difference between foster care and adoption, why the church is uniquely equipped to support families in crisis, and practical ways the church can engage in this work. I pray it is an encouragement to you as you think through how to walk out your faith in caring for families in crisis. You can be an instrument that the Lord uses to bring healing and offer hope. 


1. God has loved and calls us to love those on the margins.

2. The church can help families move toward healing by offering community.

3. The gospel reorients our perspective of brokenness and offers hope.